Are study rooms available?

Study rooms are available for WVC students and staff on a first-come-first-serve basis. If a WVC student or staff wishes to reserve a room, they can do so on our website Wenatchee Valley College | Libraries (, under "Book a Space." Study rooms are not available for community members. 

Study Room Policies:  

  • Rooms are available on a walk-in basis except when they have been reserved. Groups always have priority over individuals for use of these rooms. Study rooms for individuals are available on the east side of the main floor, next to the reference desk. 
  • You are allowed to reserve 1 room on a given day. 
  • You can cancel and change your reservation. If you need to change a reservation, cancel it and/or create a new one, please contact the Library staff at 509 682-6710 (Wenatchee Campus) or 509 422-7830 (Omak Campus) or at
  • If you or no one from your group is in the room by 10 minutes after the time of reservation, the library staff may assign the room to another group. 

What username and password do I use to sign in to library resources?

To log in to the library resources, you must use what WVC calls your network ID,  the username is your student email address, and the format of that is your first initial, full last name, and last four of your ID number followed by, for example,

You may have to first reset your network ID password (they expire every quarter), that can be done here:  If you haven’t done it yet this quarter, you will need to do that using your full student email as the username to start the process.

If you are having trouble with the process, you can also always contact the Help Desk, at or 509-682-6550.  Let them know that you are trying to use your network ID and having trouble with the password.


When trying to access library resources I get an error message that says my email is not allowed?

Your browser is already logged in with a different username and password (like a high school email address or your gmail), if that is the case you need to either sign out of the browser, open an incognito window, or browse as a guest, and then you will get that option to login with the above information.  The instructions linked are for Chrome on a computer, but if you are using a different browser or device, you can easily find out how to sign out of your browser by searching the internet for “how to log out of <browser> on <device>, so for example, how to log out of safari on iphone. 

If you are having trouble with the process, you can also always contact the Help Desk, at or 509-682-6550.  Let them know that you are trying to login to the library and your browser is giving you an error message.


Are chromebooks and graphing calculators available for borrowing?

Yes, the library would love to lend you a chromebook or calculator.  You can stop by and check one out or for a guarantee that one will be available we recommend that you contact the library first.  You can email the library with your request and what campus you plan to visit (Wenatchee or Omak), or give us a call: 509-682-6710 in Wenatchee or 509-422-7830 in Omak.  Please bring a photo ID of some kind with you in order to checkout the chromebook or calculator. 

Chromebooks and calculators are always due the last day of the quarter in which they were checked out, if you want to renew the device for another quarter please contact the library before the device is due.  


Are hotspots available?

The Library no longer has hot spots for lending at WVC (either in Wenatchee or Omak).  The service with them was very unreliable and the speeds they had weren’t sufficient for online schooling, so the college stopped purchasing them. 

If you are looking for help paying for internet access at home, there are a few options to try:

-apply for relief funds from WVC: (temporarily unavailable)

-apply for the US Affordable Connectivity Program:


Where is the tutoring center?

Tutoring at WVC happens in many places.

FREE online tutoring service offered by a group of colleges in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  Live online tutoring is available for:  Accounting, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering (Circuits & Digital Systems), Mathematics (Developmental through Trigonometry), MS Office, Outpatient Medical Coding, Pathophysiology & Pharmacology, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, Web Development (XHTML, CSS, and Adobe Dreamweaver), Writing. 

To access online tutoring, go to Tutoring Services | Wenatchee Valley College (, students will need their ctcLink number. 

- Here is the link to join

- Click on Login Now

- Select Your Consortium:  Western eTutoring Consortium

- Select Your Institution:  Wenatchee Valley College

- Follow the instructions: Login Information

If students are enrolled in programs such as CAMP, MESA, or TRIO they can request in-person/online tutoring through those programs.  

Several departments offer specialized tutoring services:

Math Skills Lab:   

            In-Person (Wenatchee Campus): Meet with a tutor in-person in Wenatchee Hall, room 2205 on Wenatchee’s campus, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Statistics tutoring is available every Thursday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Online: Contact your math instructor for online tutoring options through WVC, they will share a link for enrollment to the Math Lab.


Online: Writing assignments submitted in the eWriting Lab (in Canvas). Here's the link to join:  Tutors available to review submissions:  Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm/Friday, 8am-12pm   

In Zoom:  Zoom Drop-In Student Help Hours: M-Th, 1:30pm-2:45,  Zoom Link for Drop-In Student Hours:  

In-Person (Wenatchee Campus): Meet with a tutor in-person in Mish ee twie, room 1135. Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30 am-1:30 pm